New Permissible Ingredients Determination (No. 4) of 2019

The Permissible Ingredient Determination (No. 4 of 2019) has been published on the Federal Register of Legislation and commences 1st January 2020. It replaces the Therapeutic Goods (Permissible Ingredients) Determination ( No.3) 2019. Key changes to note include; Products containing Andrographis [...]

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Using ‘natural’ in advertising

The TGA has released guidance on the use of the term ‘natural’ when advertising medicines. The Advertising Code clearly states that marketing claims must not be misleading and must be truthful, valid and substantiated. Therefore, it is the advertiser’s responsibility [...]

TGA Annual Charge Exemption (ACE) – How to declare $0 turnover through TBS in 2019

The opportunity to declare $0 turnover for ARTG entries will be available through TBS, from 1 July 2019. Sponsors have until the 22nd of July to declare $0 turnover without incurring fees. The following steps should assist in the process: [...]

Understanding the Permissible Indication Determination (2019)

The TGA has just released the new and updated instrument, Therapeutic Goods (Permissible Indications) Determination (No. 1) of 2019 The second determination repeals and replaces the first determination. The determination includes a number of changes compared to the first determination including [...]

Overall presentation of products

An issue that keeps presenting with permitted indications is that a products indications should not be viewed in isolation but  should be viewed through the lens of the overall and complete product presentation for compliance. When a combination of indications are [...]

Updates to Label Statements

The Permissible Indications Determination requires certain label statements, depending on the potential risk associated with the use of a specific indication.  Label statements are being brought into line with the language being used in the new advertising code moving from [...]

Indications for Pregnancy and Foetal development

Permitted indications for Pregnancy Supplements Recent communication from the TGA has confirmed the guidelines around the use of permitted indications in Pregnancy and foetal development. These guidelines differ significantly to what has been acceptable in the past. Due to the [...]

Understanding the use of Population Qualifiers

Are population qualifiers mandatory? An indication must be qualified on medicine labels (or other advertising), either explicitly or by implication, if it is qualified in the ARTG entry. There is no need to add a qualifier on a medicine label [...]