Rachael Keenan


Rachael has been involved in the complementary healthcare, health food and cosmetic industries since the early 1990’s, when she began her studies in naturopathy whilst working in beauty therapy and in the health food retail sector. After gaining her qualifications as a naturopath in 1996, Rachael gained further insight into consumer desires and trends, working as a retail naturopath in health food and pharmacy and as a clinical naturopathic consultant. She worked in a clinical setting beside a leading cardiothoracic surgeon and then moved into regulatory affairs and research and development for a world leading pharmaceutical company, gaining extensive knowledge and experience into how complementary medicines and pharmaceutical medicines can truly work together.

Rachael’s passion for research and development and vast industry experience has provided her with the ideal foundations to branch into consulting. Over the past 10 years, Rachael has consulted in Regulatory and product research and development to leading international complementary healthcare, food and cosmetic companies and also for smaller, start up companies and individuals, providing advice and assistance to help them to grow and succeed in business. During this time, Rachael has been invited to present at international pharmaceutical and medical conventions, gaining further knowledge into international trends, challenges and goals.

During recent years, Rachael has expanded and improved the business, by bringing together experts within the industry with a wide variety of skills and expertise that complement each other. As director of Advanced Wellness Regulatory Solutions, Rachael believes that the vast industry experience and expertise of our team are the greatest in the industry to assist you in achieving your regulatory, research and development and business goals.