The following has been shared from Natural Products NZ alert.

IF YOU HAVE AN IRON SUPPLEMENT IN YOUR RANGE PLEASE CHECK IT MEETS REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS IN NEW ZEALAND – we are aware that some products sold in New Zealand do not, and companies concerned are being asked to RECALL stock.

The requirement for iron in general sale per Medsafe Medicine Classification is –

for oral use in medicines containing 24 milligrams or less per recommended daily dose either in medicines containing not more than 5 milligrams per dose unit or in medicines containing more than 5 milligrams per dose unit and in packs containing not more than 750 milligrams of iron; in parenteral nutrition replacement preparations

As such Dietary Supplements containing iron must meet the following requirements:

  1. Iron = 5mg per dose unit or less – no restriction on pack size
  2. Iron = 5mg plus to 24mg per dose unit – pack size restriction applies, i.e. no more than 750mg of iron per pack size
  3. Daily recommended dose should not exceed 24mg iron in both item 1 and 2 scenarios.

The requirements re. points 1-3 align with TGA requirements for listed medicines. In addition, TGA requires sponsor to use child resistant caps when each dose unit contains more than 5mg of iron.