Declarations for annual charge exemptions are due NO LATER THAN:

1st-22nd July 2017

Legislated deadline to provide declarations in relation to your entries that have an annual charge exemption to confirm exemption for 2016- 17 and its ongoing eligibility.

The declaration can be completed online through the TBS portal; or if you do not have access to TBS, by downloading a ‘Declaration of Low Value ($0) Turnover’ from the TGA website here.

For more information on the Annual Charge Exemption contact our office or go to the TGA website

Early August 2017
Annual charge invoices issued for 2017-18.
15 September 2017
Deadline to pay annual charges.

Cancelling ARTG entries
If your product is no longer supplied you can cancel your entry from the ARTG. Products on the ARTG on 1 July 2017 will incur a 2017-18 annual charge (unless exempt).