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Definition: Aroma is a term for ingredient labeling used to identify that a product contains a material or combination of materials normally added to a cosmetic to produce or to mask a particular flavor. Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard

Definition: (a) A substance or preparation intended for placement in contact with any external part of the human body, including: (i) The mucous membranes of the oral cavity; and 
 (ii) The teeth; 
 With a view to: (iii) Altering the odours of the body; or 
   (iv) Changing its appearance; or 
 (v) Cleansing it; or 
 (vi) Maintaining it in good condition (also see Part C of these 
Guidelines) ; or 
 (vii) Perfuming it; or 
 (viii) Protecting it; or 
 (b) A substance or preparation prescribed by regulations made for the purposes of this paragraph; But does not include: (c) a therapeutic good within the meaning of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989; or (d) a substance or preparation prescribed by regulations made for the purposes of this paragraph. Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard

Definition: Means a substance used solely to impart an odour to a cosmetic product. Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard

Definition: Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard

Incidental ingredient
Definition: Means any ingredient or substance which has no technical or functional effect in a cosmetic product and is present in insignificant levels. Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard

Product range
Definition: Product range refers to cosmetic products produced by the same supplier that are: _ 1. Similar in composition _ 2. Intended for the same use _ 3. Available in different shades. _ Cosmetic Standard: Cosmetic Standard