Advertising Compliance Reviews (pre-vetting services) are a core offering of AWRS
Advertising Compliance Reviews are a core service offered by AWRS. Over the past 20 years our Advertising Compliance Team have been working with sponsors to create impactful and compliant advertising and gain timely approval from the both the CHC and CHP.  From 1st July 2020, advertising approvals will move from a pre-approval model for specified media to a self-regulation model for all forms of advertising. All advertising is required to comply with both the Therapeutic Good Advertising Code and the Act. This change has lead to an increase in questions being asked of how the AWRS team might be able to help smooth out this transition and provide sponsors that wish to comply a level of reassurance.

The types of materials that our Advertising Compliance Team review are;

  • Print media (including magazines, newspaper, catalogues)
  • Online (including social and websites and banner adverts)
  • TVCs (free to air, cinema, paid TV, outdoor display, instore display, public transport display)
  • Radio (instore and broadcast)
  • Outdoor media
  • Point of sale materials (wobblers/posters/counter mats/unique promotional items)
  • Testimonials and endorsements

Our experienced team can assist from concept and messaging development stage to reviewing a fully finalised advertisement campaign.

The AWRS Advertising Compliance Team
Our Advertising Compliance Team offer sponsors the reassurance and confidence that comes when materials are reviewed by team members that have more than a decade of experience across regulatory affairs, marketing and technical writing. Our team has regular and ongoing communication with the TGA, to ensure that our application of the legislation is in line with the TGA’s interpretation. Our team also attend extensive external and in-house training and engage in regular communication to ensure consistency within the team. All advertising compliance reviews involve a two-step process, where each piece of advertising has a double check by a second reviewer before being sent to sponsors.

Certification of review

From the 1st July 2020, approved, finalised advertisements that have undergone AWRS Advertising Compliance Reviews will receive an AWRS Certificate of Advertising Review. This certificate will contain a unique AWRS code as evidence that a review for compliance has been performed by experienced Regulatory Consultants on the final advertisement.  The certificate of review may be provided to third parties and those who might be considered to ’cause’ the advertising and therefore wish to have evidence that regulatory checks have been completed prior to pushing campaigns live. The certificate of review may also be supplied to the TGA in the event of a review to show that an expert, third party regulatory review was performed by the sponsor. This evidence of review helps to inform the TGA  or other interested parties of the sponsors ‘attitude to advertising compliance’ and shows that due diligence has been performed and that sponsors have demonstrated a desire to comply with the regulations, which may assist in decisions around the application of discretionary penalties and sanctions.

Please contact Rachael or Nadine if you have any queries regarding advertising.