New Zealand Dietary Supplements

In New Zealand complementary medicines are currently regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985, which fall under the Food Act 1981. Dietary Supplements are presently regulated by Medsafe and therapeutic and marketing claims must comply with the guidelines set out by the Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Services (TAPPS).

In 2016 the Natural Health Products Bill will come into effect and will supersede the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985. This new bill will see a new Natural Health Products Authority which will administer the legislation and a complete overhaul of the regulations pertaining to over-the-counter complementary medicines in New Zealand.

Under the current proposal most Natural Health Products will be required to be notified to the Authority by way of registering on an electronic data base and additionally be required to provide an electronic summary of supporting evidence for health claims made pertaining to the product.

Once the Natural Health Products Bill has been introduced there will be a 3 year phase in period to allow companies to bring their products and marketing in line with the new legislation.

Advanced Wellness Regulatory Solutions can assist you with:

  • Regulatory compliance for new products
  • Ensuring current products are compliant with the Natural Health Products legislation by the end of the 3 year phase in period

Supplemented Food Standard

Most food sold in New Zealand is regulated under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code however in New Zealand prior to 2010 some food products were included under the Dietary Supplements Regulation 1985 and were commonly known as food-type dietary supplements. The Supplemented Food Standard was introduced in New Zealand in 2010 to provide updated regulation for food-type dietary supplements to align them as closely as possible with the Food Standards Code. The Supplemented Food Standard applies only in New Zealand and is not a joint standard with Australia.

A supplemented food is defined as “A product that is represented as a food that has a substance or substances added to it or that has been modified in some way to perform a physiological role beyond the provision of a simple nutritive requirement.”

Advanced Wellness Regulatory Solutions can advise on regulatory compliance of supplemented foods under the New Zealand Supplemented Food Standard.

We can also assist with Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code and can advise on standards relevant to Australia and New Zealand as well as standards specific for Australia or New Zealand.